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Virtual Ultrasound

Training and Support has never

been more Valuable

More than seven years ago, Oncura Partners, launched a proprietary, real-time, sonographer - assisted ultrasound to help veterinarians perform ultrasounds with superior training and support. Never did we envision the importance of this program until these most challenging times. Oncura Partner's veterinary ultrasound includes virtual log-in technology and a team of sonographers reading and waiting to show you how powerful you can be.

Never leave your practice for training again. All training is in your practice with one of our remote sonographers.

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About Oncura Partners

Oncura Partners strives to become the world leader in veterinary ultrasound and disease management services. We provide leading edge diagnostic technologies, treatment advancements, specialist consultations and case management while nurturing the human-animal bond. We work with our partner veterinary hospitals to improve patient management decisions leading to optimal patient outcomes.