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Real-Time Virtually Assisted Ultrasound

Technician-Driven Image Capture, Fast Specialist-Provided Reads

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Meet the new generation of ultrasound. Driven by technician-collected images, powered by a team of expert sonographers for on-demand interpretation dedicated to your clinical success. 



The only ultrasound enabled with proprietary remote access technology enabling real-time image visualization from in-house team of sonographers. Our team helps you quickly get the diagnostic answers you need to practice the best medicine. 

  • Technician-Driven Image Capture

  • Access to Virtual Specialists

  • Fast Diagnostic Answers 


  • On-Boarding Training

  • On-Going Clinical Support

  • CE Accredited Training 

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Oncura ExaPad 

The newest addition to our line of virtual ultrasound platforms, the Oncura ExaPad, offers maximum clinical versatility, outstanding image quality, and enhanced ease of use. This platform is the only one of its kind that allows users to compare current scans to previous scans side-by-side in real time, allowing clinicians to easily and accurately assess clinical changes. Designed to facilitate expert imaging by remotely connecting you to sonographer assistance and rapid interpretation by board certified specialists, this ultrasound is a perfect fit in any general veterinary practice.

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uSmart 3200t Vet 

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Oncura ExaPad

System Features

  • Portable with Optional Cart

  • Large 15” Screen

  • Battery Power Capability

  • Remote Connectivity

  • Available DICOM Networking

  • Customizable Presets and Measurements

  • Advanced Comparison Capabilities

  • Simultaneous Color Doppler and Black and White Scale Imaging

Imaging Modes

Multiple Transducers Available

  • B-Mode

  • B/M Mode

  • B/B (Dual Screen) Mode

  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging

  • Compounding/Crossbeam

  • Needle Visualization Technology

  • Color Doppler

  • Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler

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Linear Array

Oncura Micro Convex Transducer.png

Micro Convex Array

Oncura Phased Array Transducer.png

Phased Array

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uSmart 3200t Vet

System Features

  • 11.6" Backlit High-Resolution LCD with Gorilla Glass

  • Touch Screen with Smart Gestures™

  • 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Dynamic Clip Export (AVI)

  • DICOM 3.0 Compliant

  • USB 3.0 Port

  • Ethernet Port

  • SD Memory Card Slot 

  • Wireless and Bluetooth 

  • Cold Boot-Up Time: < 45 Seconds

  • Built-in 5 Megapixel Camera

Imaging Modes

Multiple Transducers Available

  • 2D (B-Mode)

  • M-Mode

  • Color Doppler

  • Pulsed Wave Doppler

  • Power Doppler

  • Directional Power Doppler

  • Continuous Wave Doppler

  • Tissue Doppler

  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging with SuperHarmonics™

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15L4 Smart Mark™ Linear Array

9MC3 Curved Array

4V2 Phased Array



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Echo image 1.1

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kidney pic

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Echo image 1.1
Echo image 1.1

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