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Veterinary Ultrasound, Made Easy

Accessible Training - Remote Support - Positive Patient Outcomes

We’re changing the way veterinary medicine uses ultrasound. From training through interpretation, our team of experts is always here to support all your diagnostic ultrasound needs. 

Oncura Partners Diagnostics Patented Process, Patent # US 10,758,210 B2



Our one-of-a-kind training programs give practices the tools to confidently perform ultrasound in-house. Designed to maximize learning while minimizing practice disruption, all of our training is conducted virtually by dedicated trainers that work with your team, at your clinic, on your time. 


Using patented remote access technology, our team of expert sonographers can virtually guide any member of your staff in obtaining excellent ultrasound images and videos. Whether you need assistance with every scan or just the challenging ones, we're there whenever you need us.

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Board-certified internists, cardiologists and radiologists are available to provide detailed diagnostic reports for ultrasound scans (and more!). Get the answers you need to make diagnostic decisions faster and expedite treatment that supports positive patient outcomes. 

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Featured Webinar

Watch this free on-demand webinar now to learn best practices for using ultrasound in veterinary practice to achieve positive patient outcomes.

"If you are considering a new ultrasound in your hospital, do not waste your time looking anywhere other than Oncura Partners."


- Rob Graham, CVT

Practice Manager, Animal Health Services

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