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Rob Graham, CVT | Practice Manager | Animal Health Services

If you are considering a new ultrasound in your hospital, do not waste your time looking anywhere other than Oncura. No matter how good you think you are with ultrasound technique, you have associates that are not so confident. From the hassle free purchasing arrangements to the exemplary customer service, Oncura does it right. On top of this, the training process is one of kind. How much have you spent sending your associates to an ultrasound seminar only to have them come back with no more confidence than when they left? That will not be the case with Oncura. Each of our doctors received a thorough onsite training as well as follow up online training. Every one of my doctors can perform a diagnostic abdominal ultrasound. They can even find the adrenal gland! Both of them in most cases! If they are having trouble obtaining a certain image, the support team at Oncura is a phone call away. They can get online and see exactly what the problem is and give direction to correct the issue. I can't say enough about the entire Oncura team. We have had special needs on many occasions and my needs have always been met. I will not purchase another ultrasound product that is not affiliated with Oncura.

Michael J. Watts, DVM | Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care

We chose to add Oncura Partners to our practice in order to make diagnostic ultrasound technology more accessible, efficient, and accurate within our three doctor practice. I have been pleased with the decision and would like to share our experiences.

Prior to upgrading our technology, we had a functional ten year old digital black and white ultrasound system. I was the only veterinarian who was proficient in the use of the technology. When I wasn't in the practice, patients would either have to wait for my return or would be referred. I had sent one of my associates for expensive and time consuming training to learn how to ultrasound. However, in a busy private practice, I found it impossible to give her enough time for supervised practice on actual patients. Early on, it takes a lot of hand holding to get proficient even in finding normal structures— much less in identifying abnormalities. I also felt certain parts of my own skills degrading over time, like finding adrenal glands. With more experience, I also became better at appreciating subtle abnormalities that I had increasing trouble interpreting. As a result of all these factors, we typicalIy only performed two or three complete abdominal scans each month.

The traditional model we were following also became increasingly inefficient. I could often see a tumor or other abnormality right away, but still ended up spending an entire hour simply getting all the views and measurements I needed to satisfy the standard of practice for a properly performed ultrasound study. It frequently occurred to me that I could be seeing patients and generating additional income rather than monotonously measuring kidney length or duodenal thickness.

Oncura has allowed me to train and "certify" my other veterinarians and several of my experienced Iicensed veterinary technicians. These staff members have embraced the learning opportunity. The onsite training and included practice scans on normal pets gave them the confidence that they could get all the images necessary for a complete scan. The remote assistance available on every scan gives them the "training wheels" that they need and that I am often too busy to provide personally. As a result, we are actually doing many more scans— typically 8-10 a month and increasing.

Personally, having my LVTs perform the scans and having a specialist double check the findings has greatly increased my professional satisfaction in offering ultrasonography in my practice. After the patient is prepped and the equipment is set up, I come in and perform a quick "once over" to identify areas I would like to highlight for my technician to image particularly carefully. I give the client my initial impressions and explain that the final report will come from a specialist. I go on to seeing other appointments. In one hour, I can now generate the income that previously took me two hours. I have enhanced my own and my staff's job satisfaction. In addition, I have improved our image with clients since now our scans include my interpretation as well as a specialist's.

Due to our location, we have also successfully developed a bit of referral income from our Oncura Partners technology. Pet owners in our area have to drive 60-90 minutes to see a cardiologist or get an ultrasound from a specialist. We now offer surrounding practice a referral ultrasound service where one of our technicians performs the abdominal ultrasound or echocardiogram, submits the scan to Oncura, and then sends the referring practice the report. The referring practices handle all the communication about the report with their clients and have been willing to send us their patients.

In conclusion, Oncura Partners has been good for our patients, clients, staff, veterinarians, and our bottom line. The initial investment was a bit higher than last time I purchased an ultrasound machine, but the increased usage we have experienced more than offset that cost.

Michele Le, DVM | All Cypress Veterinary Hospital

Our partnership with Oncura has allowed us to offer Ultrasounds in-house rather than referring our clients to another veterinary clinic thus increasing our revenue. The training was structured so that we were able to become confident in our skills in a short time and the reassurance of support allows us to tackle more difficult cases. Oncura staff is knowledgeable and quickly respond to our questions.

Louis Burch, DVM, MS | Animal Medical Center of Redlands

Dear Mr. Presnal

I would like to take this opportunity to single out one of your employees, Melissa Colpitts for the highest accolades possible. When Melissa arrived in my office ostensibly to teach my employees the techniques required to perform a competent ultrasound, I was somewhat skeptical and apprehensive to say the least. To help allay my concerns I spent about 1 hour listening to Melissa's presentation. To say that I was extremely impressed with her and her concise presentation is a gross understatement! Melissa is a natural born teacher who has the enviable ability to present a rather esoteric subject in a clear and concise manner so that she does not overwhelm or intimidate her students but rather makes them eager to learn more. I am somewhat in a position to be able to critically critique Melissa's teaching ability since I hold a post Doctorate degree of Masters in Education from UCLA. During my lifetime of learning, I have experienced innumerable poor instructors interspersed sporadically with the rare instructor who has the innate ability to not only make the presentation informative but also makes learning enjoyable again. I can state unequivocally that Melissa is one of the rare individuals who not only teaches but also inspires her students to a higher level.

To prove this point my employees were so engrossed with Melissa's presentation that they voted to skip lunch and work straight through (funny, they never do that when I give a presentation!). Perhaps I should look at that more in depth (or not).

I must admit that I had some reservations about "throwing in" with a startup company such as Oncura. As I'm sure you are aware, statistics show that investing in a startup company is risky at best and some would even say fool hearted. However, if Melissa is any indication of the caliber of the rest of your staff, Oncura will become a rising star among the myriad of also ran.

The only downside to this whole situation is that now two more employees want to take Melissa's training! I can see it all now - the whole office squabbling over who gets to do the next ultrasound but I can solve this problem with a high tech solution - draw straws to see who wins. But the straws will be called "virtual digital techno" straws rather than just plain old hay straws - same thing, different name.


Louis Burch D.V.M M.S. (AMCOR's Chief Cook and Bottle Washer)

P.S. Occasionally I forget and take myself and life seriously, but the older I get, the quicker I am to regain my senses and remember that it's easier to ride the horse in the direction its going.

Contemplate that for a moment (or not).

Kathleen Johnson, DVM | Owner | Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic

We absolutely love the Oncura Partners ultrasound platform! Prior to Oncura we had some experience with ultrasound but lacked the confidence to expand our offerings to clients. When we opened our own hospital their system was a priority for equipment. Ultrasound is such a useful diagnostic tool and we did not want to limit ourselves to blood panels and radiographs. While those are wonderful tools an ultrasound is critical to diagnose. The Oncura training and support allowed us to add ultrasound to our diagnostic processes and ultimately has led to better diagnosis of our patients. I recommend the Oncura ultrasound system to anyone who wants to expand his or her offerings to clients.

Christina Branshaw, DVM | Medical Director | Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center

I work at a hospital that has two locations and both locations have a different machine. The machine that was purchased for our first location is new and work well. When it was time to open our second location, we had the luxury of comparing a variety of machines to find our best fit. We decided on going with Oncura ultrasound in our new location. The whole purchase process was very smooth and easy.

After our machine was delivered, we easily coordinated the training for our veterinarians. The sonographer training was incredibly useful and informative. It is extremely helpful, even after many ultrasound wet labs to have both the personalized guidance, as well as the set plan for obtaining a complete abdominal ultrasound. The technical support and sonographer assistance is incredibly useful when I have called in.

The benefits of this system have been huge. Everything from keeping patient care in-house, increasing clinician confidence and more rapid patient care, it has helped our practice greatly. My only con is that I do not have this machine in our first location yet.

I highly recommend this system and service for anyone looking into obtaining or upgrading their ultrasound machine.

J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM | Hospital Co-Owner | Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Dear Audra (and BJ and Tonia),

So far, it's fabulous in every way. Thank you so, so much for your wonderful visit to us here at Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Our doctors are smarter, more skilled, more confident, and happier people for having met you. Your expertise in both ultrasonography and in teaching was so very much appreciated by all of us, with Rick and me at the top of that list. As is the case in almost everything in life, personal relationships will make or break any endeavor. We feel that our people, and therefore our business, got off to the best possible start with Oncura thanks to your professional demeanor and personal kindness. You truly represented the best of what we can expect and hope for from a business and medical partner.

In quite a coincidence, the first ultrasound Dr. Takesaka performed after her certification was on my own brother's dog Bear. Bear presented with significant signs and there was a concern for potential foreign body. Plain films were equivocal. It meant the world to my family (and yes, my brother is the bee's knees) that we were able to avoid surgery when the ultrasound gave us reassurances that there was nothing obstructive to worry about.

So, cheers and thanks to all of you at Oncura. We're so very pleased in every way. And see below, for a bit of what is now thankfully old-fashioned humor.

Very best to you –

J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM

Hospital Co-Owner

Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Jeff Travis, DVM | Animal Medical Center of Panola County

To Whom it May Concern

We purchased and partnered with Oncura a little over 2 years ago. We have been extremely pleased in all aspects. Casee was great as the initial sales contact and ensured that everything at the initial purchase went smoothly. The ultrasound was set up in a timely fashion.

As far as the training and support I cannot begin to say enough kind words. The ultrasonographers are very knowledgeable and are able to teach without intimidating you. I had taken a couple ultrasound courses at seminars and I believe the training we received far exceeded the previous wet labs. In addition they are kind and helpful after each ultrasound viewing images and clips to ensure I have everything I need before submitting it to the radiologist. They have also helped me via logging in acquire images that I thought were impossible to obtain through repositioning and different angles.

In short, I believe Oncura has knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant staff. They have a great product and deliver the customer service to make the experience even better. I would recommend this service if you are looking to add or upgrade ultrasound in your practice.

I would be happy to discuss in further detail or any questions you may have regarding our experience.


Jeff Travis, DVM

Animal Medical Center of Panola County

Sara Mark, DVM | Southwest Veterinary Hospital

I had my doubts about purchasing an ultrasound system — after all, I practice in a metropolitan area with specialists on virtually every corner. Our State Board enforces a very high Standard of Practice.

Before Oncura, it took 2 to 3 days to have one of the mobile radiologists schedule our practice for any ultrasound studies - which was dearly not ideal. Yes, we could send them to a specialty hospital for an "emergency" scan — but even that often resulted in a multiple-hour delay and a dramatically increased cost. Fewer clients were willing to accept abdominal ultrasound due to cost; even fewer were willing to make the investment in a cardiology referral.

Our Oncura Partners system has turned all of this around. Finally there is a system that allows us to capture the images, has sonographers to tell us if the images are quality, graciously helps us when we don't "get it", and provides us with expert interpretation of those images. Our training experience has been exceptional. Support for all of our questions has been prompt and complete. I feel confident that my CVTs can complete accurate scans without supervision. With the added Cloud storage for only $3 a case, I don't have to worry over image backup. And, Oncura is always helping us think of novel ways to utilize our system to maximum potential.

And the bottom line? Medically: I am able to practice the level of medicine I want to with far less effort. I get far more detailed reports than I ever received from our local radiologists. I now have the ability to complete cardiology consults without sending my patients away and having them wait weeks for an appointment.

Financially: Client cost for a scan plus interpretation is now less than what the radiologists charged us to walk through the door — and I have a 46% profit margin on my scans.

Happy clients, because they can afford it. Happy technicians because they have gained a new skill. Happy me because I have a new profit center and my doubts are gone!

Mark D. Setser, DVM, MS | Village Vet Animal Clinic

Dear Oncura Partners:

We are pleased to have found an ultrasound unit that provides the private animal practice with an excellent diagnostic avenue. Your ultrasound unit has been indispensable in our diagnostic capability for our patients. Our satisfaction level both with the unit itself, as well as with the technical and customer support provided by Oncura have exceeded our expectations.


Mark D. Setser, DVM, MS

Village Vet Animal Clinic

T. D. Smith, DVM | Manchaca Village Veterinary Care

Oncura Partners gets the credit for changing the way I provide medical care. On a daily basis and with confidence I am now able to take advantage of the diagnostic benefits of ultrasound because of Oncura's ultrasound platform and sonograph consults.

In the past, using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool was more often a 2" or 31(1 tier choice; I was either uncomfortable with my ability to perform the imaging adequately, or I had to schedule the procedure with a mobile service or have it done off-site. This unavoidably resulted in delayed patient care.

Since adding Oncura Partners as an on-site resource, ultrasound is now very often the first diagnostic tool that I consider after the physical exam. The Oncura ultrasound platform and their in-clinic training makes it easy to acquire excellent image quality; when needed their Sonographers are available for real-time guidance during the procedure, and their Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists provide rapid image interpretations and case management recommendations. This results in timely and superior patient care.

In addition to using Oncura Partners ultrasound for my ill-patient case load, I have been surprised how often it enables the detection of pathologies in asymptomatic and apparently healthy patients. It routinely provides early disease detection and is well accepted by pet owners as a sensitive, non-invasive, and low cost screening tool. This has resulted in being able to offer surgical and/or medical treatments before symptoms develop.