Veterinary Telemedicine

Oncura Partners Diagnostics provides integrated support and education for veterinarians or hospital staff to improve skills or to obtain proper ultrasound examinations for interpretation. Our sonographers can work online with you to obtain the scan for our radiology consultants.

Specialist Consultant Team

Upon acquiring the scan, our board-certified specialists can easily access those images to quickly provide a consult following routine submissions and two-hours for STAT interpretations.

Meet the Specialists

Remote-Assisted, Real-Time Ultrasound

Using an Internet connection, SonixTelemed and our remote support tool enables real-time interaction with an Oncura Partners Diagnostics trained sonographer who can control the SonixTablet remotely.

With an integrated HD camera, the sonographer can see how the patient is being scanned, help with measurements, change settings, and offer tips on acquiring the proper scan.

Remote Training

Ongoing ultrasound education and training is a key consideration. No more driving to weekend conferences and training on a different unit; benefit from continuing education and training when it’s convenient: train on your time, in your practice, on your equipment with our online support.