Oncura Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard your veterinarian refer to a company called Oncura Partners and are wondering who they are and how they will help your pet. To help answer some common questions about our services and to find out why your veterinarian has chosen to work with Oncura Partners, we have prepared a FAQ sheet for easy reference.

Q: What is Oncura?

Oncura Partners is a multifaceted company devoted to providing comprehensive cancer care for companion animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) through a partnership with board-certified oncology professionals and veterinarians. Oncura Partners', a world leader in veterinary oncology, provides specialized cancer services for veterinarians through a variety of means including development of diagnostic and radiation facilities, clinical trials/research, and an Online Cancer Management System (OCMS) that uses the internet to assist veterinarians in development of cancer treatment protocols. Your veterinarian has chosen to work with Oncura and use OCMS to assist in providing your pet with the latest and most up to date cancer treatment protocols available in veterinary medicine, today.

Q: How does Oncura's Online Cancer Management System (OCMS) work?

Oncura's board certified oncology (cancer) specialists review information that your veterinarian gathers during the diagnostic process (x-rays, blood work, patient history, etc.) and determines the best cancer treatment for your pet based on your pet's specific medical information. Your veterinarian sends that information to our veterinarians, using our internet based system to transfer your pet's medical history. Oncura's board certified cancer specialists carefully review all the information and then develop a specialized treatment that they have selected specifically for your pet. That information is sent back to your veterinarian, again, using the internet, as a tool for communicating with your veterinarian. When your veterinarian receives that information, he will review the treatment protocol with you including costs, side effects and prognosis.

If you and your veterinarian decide to continue with the treatment protocol, the Oncura computer system loads all the information about that protocol into a convenient schedule that your veterinarian can use to determine when to administer chemotherapy drugs. Your veterinarian will then order and administer these drugs at the appropriate intervals of the protocol. Throughout this process, our veterinarians are constantly in communication with your veterinarian and are available to answer any questions that may occur throughout this phase. Periodically, your veterinarian will be instructed to conduct additional diagnostic tests in his office to ensure that your pet is responding correctly to the prescribed treatment. Should the protocol need adjustment, your veterinarian will be notified by our oncologists. This process will continue until the protocol is completed or discontinued.

Q: How does Oncura work with my veterinarian?

Your veterinarian is a highly trained professional that deals with a wide array of medical treatment for your pet. Because cancer care is an intensely specialized field, some veterinarians devote their total practice to medicine related to understanding and treating cancer. As in human medicine, some veterinarians choose to specialize in specific areas. Those veterinarians receive additional years of training in that field and are required to pass many difficult and lengthy tests to obtain a board certification in that specialty.

Our veterinarians at Oncura have successfully completed that training and are all board certified cancer specialists. In the U.S., of the approximate 60,000 veterinarians, there are only 109 board certified medical oncologists. Because of the few numbers of board certified oncologists, finding a specialist can sometimes be difficult, requiring travel to areas where these veterinarians practice.

Oncura is able to offer access to specialists anywhere in the world because of our unique method of communication, the Internet. We have harnessed the power of the internet to offer our services everywhere there is need. But because we cannot be physically with your pet, we rely on the expert care of your veterinarian to deliver treatment to your pet, locally.

Your local veterinarian is responsible for all case management and treatment administration. He will continue to monitor your pet's progress and manage all aspects of care. Oncura's specialty is to partner with the veterinarian you know and trust and help him by offering specific cancer treatment protocols unique to your pet.

Q: What are the costs associated with treatment?

This depends on the type and frequency of treatments. The costs to treat cancer can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, due largely to the high cost of chemotherapy drugs.

Oncura Partners has developed a proprietary electronic system that can assist your veterinarian with cost estimating in advance. He can then review all the costs associated with treatment including any related charges that he may charge as part of your pet's care.

As in the case of any specialist's consultation, Oncura charges a fee for the services and supplies that we provide. Those charges are added to any charges that your veterinarian may charge and will be included with his billing. You will pay any costs associated with your pet's care directly to your veterinarian.

Q: How can I learn more about the cancer my pet has?

Your veterinarian is always the best source of information about your pet and they will also have access to several online resources within the Oncura site. They can easily print educational materials that will assist in understanding your pet's disease. In order to ensure the content is always up-to-date, we encourage veterinarians to review this information at www.OncuraPartners.com under the heading “Cancer FAQS”.

Q: Will my pet suffer while undergoing chemotherapy?

As with any chemotherapy, treatment is sometimes uncomfortable but not unbearable for your pet in normal circumstances. Should you notice that your pet seems unduly depressed or unusually sick (excessive vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) your veterinarian should be notified immediately. This may indicate the need for changes to the protocol or for additional supplemental medication. Oncura works with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet does not experience undue pain or suffering during treatment.

Q: How long will treatment take?

Duration of treatment varies with cancer types, progression of disease, patient condition and a number of other factors. Your veterinarian will discuss your specific pet's care plan with you prior to beginning treatment.

Q: Will my pet get better?

At Oncura, we offer the most current treatment protocols available. Our oncologists are specialists who have access to the latest cancer research and implement the best, most proven therapies available in veterinary medicine, today. However, as with all cancers, outcomes vary. Some patients respond to treatment and some do not. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how your pet will respond to cancer treatment beforehand, as animals, like humans, are unique in their response and prognosis. Oncura's oncologists can assist your veterinarian with determination of potential outcomes.

Additional Information

Thank you for your interest in Oncura Partners. Should you or your veterinarian desire additional information, please email us at info@oncurapartners.com.

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