T. D. Smith, DVM | Manchaca Village Veterinary Care

Oncura Partners gets the credit for changing the way I provide medical care. On a daily basis and with confidence I am now able to take advantage of the diagnostic benefits of ultrasound because of Oncura's ultrasound platform and sonograph consults.

In the past, using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool was more often a 2" or 31(1 tier choice; I was either uncomfortable with my ability to perform the imaging adequately, or I had to schedule the procedure with a mobile service or have it done off-site. This unavoidably resulted in delayed patient care.

Since adding Oncura Partners as an on-site resource, ultrasound is now very often the first diagnostic tool that I consider after the physical exam. The Oncura ultrasound platform and their in-clinic training makes it easy to acquire excellent image quality; when needed their Sonographers are available for real-time guidance during the procedure, and their Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists provide rapid image interpretations and case management recommendations. This results in timely and superior patient care.

In addition to using Oncura Partners ultrasound for my ill-patient case load, I have been surprised how often it enables the detection of pathologies in asymptomatic and apparently healthy patients. It routinely provides early disease detection and is well accepted by pet owners as a sensitive, non-invasive, and low cost screening tool. This has resulted in being able to offer surgical and/or medical treatments before symptoms develop.