Sara Mark, DVM | Southwest Veterinary Hospital

I had my doubts about purchasing an ultrasound system — after all, I practice in a metropolitan area with specialists on virtually every corner. Our State Board enforces a very high Standard of Practice.

Before Oncura, it took 2 to 3 days to have one of the mobile radiologists schedule our practice for any ultrasound studies - which was dearly not ideal. Yes, we could send them to a specialty hospital for an "emergency" scan — but even that often resulted in a multiple-hour delay and a dramatically increased cost. Fewer clients were willing to accept abdominal ultrasound due to cost; even fewer were willing to make the investment in a cardiology referral.

Our Oncura Partners system has turned all of this around. Finally there is a system that allows us to capture the images, has sonographers to tell us if the images are quality, graciously helps us when we don't "get it", and provides us with expert interpretation of those images. Our training experience has been exceptional. Support for all of our questions has been prompt and complete. I feel confident that my CVTs can complete accurate scans without supervision. With the added Cloud storage for only $3 a case, I don't have to worry over image backup. And, Oncura is always helping us think of novel ways to utilize our system to maximum potential.

And the bottom line? Medically: I am able to practice the level of medicine I want to with far less effort. I get far more detailed reports than I ever received from our local radiologists. I now have the ability to complete cardiology consults without sending my patients away and having them wait weeks for an appointment.

Financially: Client cost for a scan plus interpretation is now less than what the radiologists charged us to walk through the door — and I have a 46% profit margin on my scans.

Happy clients, because they can afford it. Happy technicians because they have gained a new skill. Happy me because I have a new profit center and my doubts are gone!