J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM | Hospital Co-Owner | Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Dear Audra (and BJ and Tonia),

So far, it's fabulous in every way. Thank you so, so much for your wonderful visit to us here at Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Our doctors are smarter, more skilled, more confident, and happier people for having met you. Your expertise in both ultrasonography and in teaching was so very much appreciated by all of us, with Rick and me at the top of that list. As is the case in almost everything in life, personal relationships will make or break any endeavor. We feel that our people, and therefore our business, got off to the best possible start with Oncura thanks to your professional demeanor and personal kindness. You truly represented the best of what we can expect and hope for from a business and medical partner.

In quite a coincidence, the first ultrasound Dr. Takesaka performed after her certification was on my own brother's dog Bear. Bear presented with significant signs and there was a concern for potential foreign body. Plain films were equivocal. It meant the world to my family (and yes, my brother is the bee's knees) that we were able to avoid surgery when the ultrasound gave us reassurances that there was nothing obstructive to worry about.

So, cheers and thanks to all of you at Oncura. We're so very pleased in every way. And see below, for a bit of what is now thankfully old-fashioned humor.

Very best to you –

J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM

Hospital Co-Owner

Emergency Veterinary Hospital