Christina Branshaw, DVM | Medical Director | Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center

I work at a hospital that has two locations and both locations have a different machine. The machine that was purchased for our first location is new and work well. When it was time to open our second location, we had the luxury of comparing a variety of machines to find our best fit. We decided on going with Oncura ultrasound in our new location. The whole purchase process was very smooth and easy.

After our machine was delivered, we easily coordinated the training for our veterinarians. The sonographer training was incredibly useful and informative. It is extremely helpful, even after many ultrasound wet labs to have both the personalized guidance, as well as the set plan for obtaining a complete abdominal ultrasound. The technical support and sonographer assistance is incredibly useful when I have called in.

The benefits of this system have been huge. Everything from keeping patient care in-house, increasing clinician confidence and more rapid patient care, it has helped our practice greatly. My only con is that I do not have this machine in our first location yet.

I highly recommend this system and service for anyone looking into obtaining or upgrading their ultrasound machine.