Louis Burch, DVM, MS | Animal Medical Center of Redlands

Dear Mr. Presnal

I would like to take this opportunity to single out one of your employees, Melissa Colpitts for the highest accolades possible. When Melissa arrived in my office ostensibly to teach my employees the techniques required to perform a competent ultrasound, I was somewhat skeptical and apprehensive to say the least. To help allay my concerns I spent about 1 hour listening to Melissa's presentation. To say that I was extremely impressed with her and her concise presentation is a gross understatement! Melissa is a natural born teacher who has the enviable ability to present a rather esoteric subject in a clear and concise manner so that she does not overwhelm or intimidate her students but rather makes them eager to learn more. I am somewhat in a position to be able to critically critique Melissa's teaching ability since I hold a post Doctorate degree of Masters in Education from UCLA. During my lifetime of learning, I have experienced innumerable poor instructors interspersed sporadically with the rare instructor who has the innate ability to not only make the presentation informative but also makes learning enjoyable again. I can state unequivocally that Melissa is one of the rare individuals who not only teaches but also inspires her students to a higher level.

To prove this point my employees were so engrossed with Melissa's presentation that they voted to skip lunch and work straight through (funny, they never do that when I give a presentation!). Perhaps I should look at that more in depth (or not).

I must admit that I had some reservations about "throwing in" with a startup company such as Oncura. As I'm sure you are aware, statistics show that investing in a startup company is risky at best and some would even say fool hearted. However, if Melissa is any indication of the caliber of the rest of your staff, Oncura will become a rising star among the myriad of also ran.

The only downside to this whole situation is that now two more employees want to take Melissa's training! I can see it all now - the whole office squabbling over who gets to do the next ultrasound but I can solve this problem with a high tech solution - draw straws to see who wins. But the straws will be called "virtual digital techno" straws rather than just plain old hay straws - same thing, different name.


Louis Burch D.V.M M.S. (AMCOR's Chief Cook and Bottle Washer)

P.S. Occasionally I forget and take myself and life seriously, but the older I get, the quicker I am to regain my senses and remember that it's easier to ride the horse in the direction its going.

Contemplate that for a moment (or not).