About Oncura

Mission Statement

Oncura Partners strives to become the world leader in veterinary disease management services. We provide leading edge diagnostic technologies, treatment advancements, specialist consultations, and case management while nurturing the human-animal bond. We work with our partner veterinary hospitals to improve patient management decisions leading to optimal patient outcomes.

Meet the Specialists




Oncura Partners believes all veterinarians strive to administer the best possible care to their patients and we desire partnerships with veterinarians and animal care specialists who share this common care philosophy.


  • Oncura Partners gets the credit for changing the way I provide medical care… It routinely provides early disease detection and is well accepted by pet owners as a sensitive, non-invasive, and low cost screening tool.
    T. D. Smith, DVM
    Manchaca Village Veterinary Care
  • [Oncura’s] ultrasound unit has been indispensible in our diagnostic capability for our patients. Our satisfaction level both with the unit itself, as well as with the technical and customer support provided by Oncura have exceeded our expectations.
    Mark D. Setser, DVM, MS
    Village Vet Animal Clinic
  • I now have the ability to complete cardiology consults without sending my patients away and having them wait weeks for an appointment…Client cost for a scan plus interpretation is now less than what the radiologists charged us to walk through the door.
    Sara Mark, DVM
    Southwest Veterinary Hospital
  • I had taken a couple of ultrasound courses at seminars and I believe the training we received [with Oncura] far exceeded the previous wet labs...I would recommend this service if you are looking to add or upgrade ultrasound in your practice.
    Jeff Travis, DVM
    Animal Medical Center of Panola County
  • Our doctors are smarter, more skilled, more confident, and happier people for having met [Oncura Partners]…[They] truly represented the best of what we can expect and hope for from a business and medical partner.
    J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM
    Hospital Co-Owner
    Emergency Veterinary Hospital
  • The benefits of this system has been huge. Everything from keeping patient care in-house, increasing clinician confidence and more rapid patient care, it has helped our practice greatly.
    Christina Branshaw, DVM
    Medical Director
    Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center
  • Prior to Oncura, we…lacked the confidence to expand our [ultrasound] offerings to clients…The Oncura training and support allowed us to add ultrasound diagnostic processes and ultimately has led to better diagnosis of our patients.
    Kathleen Johnson, DVM
    Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
  • To say that I was extremely impressed with [Oncura’s]... concise presentation is a gross understatement!...My employees were so engrossed with [their] presentation that they voted to skip lunch and work straight through (funny, they never do that when I give a presentation!).
    Louis Burch, DVM, MS
    Animal Medical Center of Redlands
  • Our partnership with Oncura has allowed us to offer ultrasounds in-house rather than referring our clients to another veterinary clinic…The training was structured so that we were able to become confident in our skills in a short time and the reassurance of support allows us to tackle more difficult cases.
    Michele Le, DVM
    All Cypress Veterinary Hospital
  • Oncura has allowed me to train and “certify” my other veterinarians and several of my experienced licensed veterinary technicians…In addition, I have improved our image with clients since now our scans include my interpretation as well as a specialist’s.
    Michael J. Watts, DVM
    Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care
  • If you are considering a new ultrasound in your hospital, do not waste your time looking anywhere else than Oncura…We have had special needs on many occasions and my needs have always been met.
    Rob Graham, CVT
    Practice Manager
    Animal Health Services